Soft Mobility
Predicting the demand for shared bicycles

One of the solutions could be a Bike Balancing Map that used a color-code system to represent balanced stations, stations that should receive bikes, and stations that should give away bikes.

Soft Mobility
Missing Links - Closing the circuit in existing cycle networks

This challenge uses Lisbon data to propose a data-driven solution for finding the missing segments in a scattered cycling network of a city.

Soft Mobility
(Literally) paving the way towards safer cities

Most teams managed to produce a map of Lisbon indicating the pavement quality in the locations where the dataset images were taken. A similar model could be applied to any city, which makes it very scalable.

Soft Mobility
Optimization of soft-mobility drop-off points

What if we could increase the number of e-scooter journeys by up to 12%? Easy-to-find e-scooters in strategic locations can be the answer.

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